Girijaprasad Roy came back to his village after a long time. All of his villagers though him as a rich. After few days, everyone came to know about his poor financial condition. His only daughter Bimala was attracted to Block Development Officer Pravakar. Though Girijaprasad was not rich, everybody tried to neglect him and helped him his only brother Girin. He stayed in the same village. Girin was a wealthy person and very clever kind of man. He deprived his elder brother and tried to make relation with Pravakar. On the other hand, Udas Kotal a soft hearted, honest man wanted to learn driving for a better life. He got married to Laxmimoni to learn driving. Laxmimoni s father taught him driving and made him an expert driver. Unfortunately, Laxmimoni had some psychological problem and as a result, she committed suicide. Udas became very upset and after few days, he wanted to get married his childhood friend Padma but Padma refused to get married. Day by day Udas became an alcoholic, characterless bohemian kind of person. One day after a quarrel, When he hears a baseless and incorrect news that Padma was having an affair with the doctor, he comes to murder the doctor with a knife. In the darkness, drunken Udas killed his old mate Padma. As a result, he was convicted and sentenced to death.