Deva and Arun Both are Sincere and honest persons, but also they share a very strong friendship. Deba is a very well mannered, charitable human being comes from a very lower middleclass background. On the other hand Arun comes from a very well settled, classy upper middleclass family. But class does not became a barrier in their friendship. Father of Deva always remain worried about the employment of Deva. He always scolds him for his lack of success as an earner. In the mean time, an educated modern girl called Kabita meets Deva. At first she misunderstood him but gradually she became a fan of his personality. Suddenly Deva receives a job offer and he knows that Arun had created that job. Then Arun tries to convince Deba and successfully convinced him. Then Deba told Kabita to find a girl for Arun and Kabita then finds Kajol, because she knows that Arun has a soft corner for her. Then Arun meets an accident and want to see Kajol. In absence of Kajol, Deba sent Kabita as Kajol. After that Arun gets well and begins to Like Kabita as Kajol. Then at last the whole drama resolved and Deva and Arun settled for a new future.