Rajat returns from abroad after getting a business administrator s degree as he is to marry Mrinmoyee, the daughter of the rich industrialist Devdas Roy who had paid for his education ever since his father passed away. After coming back Rajat also goes to his old lover Madhuri s house however does not find her. She leaves a letter behind asking him to forget her as after he left, her family had seen worse days. Her brother had died and she found it difficult to run the family. Rajat gets married to Mrinmoyee after her father makes him the director of his company. One day Mrinmoyee meets Debashish, her old college mate, aka Balai who had become their driver. Mrinmoyee comes to know that Debashish had succumbed to his poor fate as his fater had lost all their money to the shares and dies leaving him with no money. One day Rajat meets Madhuri, who had become Samita. His old feelings are further aroused by Suresh, an evil employee of Rajat s company who get together with Madhuri to take over Rajat s empire. Misunderstanding creeps into the couple and Rajat gets linked with Samita who blames Mrinmoyee for having a intimate relationship with Debashish. Suresh murders Samita and puts the blame of Rajat however Debashish takes the blame onto himself and is prisoned, while the couple is united.