Deep Jale Jai is a sensitive and touchy story of a nurse called Radha who works in a psychiatric hospital. Col Mitter, the owner of the clinic thinks that the best way to recover the psychiatric patients is through love and care. He asks Radha to serve in this way and then help them to recover. Her first successful case is of Debashish. But when Debashish recovers we find that Radha had actually fallen in love with him. After he recovers, he does not remember her and he returned to his previous life. Radha faced a setback and hides her true feelings. Tapas, another patient comes to the clinic after betrayed by his lover. Radha refuses to be a part of the act again, but is slowly entered into it. Gradually, with her love, affection and care Tapas starts improving and ultimately recovers totally. Tapas loves Radha, but she is committed by her duty tries to avoid him. She requested the owner that she do not want to meet Tapas.. Tapas was looking for her. But Radha tells him that she has only acted with him. Tapas is pulled away and a heartbroken Radha becomes mentally ill and admitted in as another member of the asylum.