Deepak and Chandana are in love and are to get married soon after they complete college. Chandana s filmy cousin Riya comes from Mumbai and urges Chandana to test Deepak s love for her. She asks Chandana to get close to Tota, the roudy student of the college so that Deepak gets jealous and a fight scene is witnessed by all, like any Hindi movie. Chandana discusses this plan with Tota who take the advantage of the situation and actually try to molest Chandana. Deepak rescues her and while they fight Tota falls from the highrise and dies. Situation gets serious and Deepak flees from the place and decides to hide till the matter is brought under control. During his hiding he meets Shikha, a mentally disturbed girl who had lost her beloved. Shikha falls in love with Deepak however later when comes to know about Deepak s love for Chandana, she commits suicide. Deepak and Chandana are united.