"Ek Din Pratidin is a story of a family of seven members with father, mother, three sisters and two brothers is solely dependent on the earning of the eldest working girl. The story unfolds slowly when the working girl doesn't return home that night. Sometimes she came late for the job pressure. The younger sister calls her at the office number to see if her sister is still at the office. She returns home without being able to contact her sister. Now the family members get panicky, and the father goes out and watches the life outside, but he can not locate his daughter. When the last bus also passes by, he gives up hope and returns home. Soon the inmates of that multi-storied building where both the landowner and his several tenants reside together get wind of the fact that their girl has not returned home that night. The reactions from the various neighbors then came into play. Some makes acerbic comments, while others are very sympathetic. In the morning hours, the small girl of the family sights her eldest sister coming back. Surprisingly, everyone in the family eyed her with suspicion and didn't even ask her as to where she had been the previous night. However, the landlord comes down and asks father to vacate the house as soon as possible.