Biswajit is a renowned barrister. He has two younger brothers, named Indrajit and Abhisek. He along with his two younger brothers creates a very happy family. Indrajit joins the police force by the recommendation of MLA Suprakash Sanyal. Indrajit is a honest, sincere and brave police officer, on the other hand Abhisek slowly enters into a wrong path. Indrajit does not concentrate properly in family. So he has some conflicts and differences with his wife. At this juncture a rape case investigation is handed over to him. A member of the Sanyal s gang named Raja has done that crime. So Indrajit arrested him and placed the file before court. When the trial is almost at the end of its proceedings, then Sanyal s men kidnapped Indrajit s son. Release of Raja is their only demand and they convey it to Indrajit. On the other hand Sanyal s daughter Rupa loves Abhisek. So she helps Indrajit. After refusing the demand of Sanyal, Indrajit defeats all evil forces and reveals Sanyal in front of public. Everybody now can see the character of Renowned MLA Sanyal. Biswajit s family now again regains its peace and comfort.