Ravi Bose comes to Mumbai from Patna in search of a job who is an artist. In his bus-journey he looks at a beautiful face sitting on another bus. Love at first right occurs and he searches for the beautiful girl. One day he finds her in a bus and knows that she is blind. Her name is Jyoti. Reshmi being a journalist takes Ravi to Sevakram a political leader. Ravi is determined for the treatment of Jyoti's eyesight. Sevakram agrees to give him Rs. 5000/- for treatment of Jyoti. But one condition is there. In election he has to work for his party and sacrifice his life by jumping from high. Ravi agrees to this condition. But Reshmi loves Ravi and dreams for a small home with Ravi. Jyoti is admitted to a hospital. Ravi becomes busy with election campaign of Sevakram. Reshmi is determined to desist Ravi from sacrificing his life and informed it to the police commissioner. Jyoti's operation is successful. Jyoti looks at Ravi with her two eyes.