Sanjay comes from a middle class family. He has a good friend called Anita. She belongs to a very wealthy family. After sometimes together, they fall in love. But Anita s mother does not like their intimacy. She spread a rumour involving Sanjay and put her daughter in the house. When Sanjay s father comes to their house then she utters some foul words and thus she humiliates him. So he then takes some strong decisions. He encourages his son to bring Anita into their house. After knowing that, Anita s mother sent a person to kill Sanjay. But eventually sanjay and anita escapes that attack. Then anita s mother brings her daughter home and informed police through a doctor. Police then arrests Sanjay.Then a classmate called Jivan tries to marry Anita. But at last anita s mother can understand her fault and they all became united.