Gyanoda is a very rich man who loses his son and daughter in law in a fatal accident. He is left with his granddaughter Parama who grows up to be a spoilt brat and a faithful maidservant. Before dying Gyanoda makes a unique, will, which provides only 500 rupees to Parama every month unless she gets married. In case her husband dies or gets divorced then Parama will get the whole property. Thus, Parama searches for a henpecked guy whom she plans to marry and divorce after a month. Gyanoda s maidservant s son Anondo, who left home in his childhood comes back to become Parama s temporary husband. He conceals his identity and tries to mend her ways but Parama does not like this and she starts fighting a lot with Anondo. She even tries to get him out of her way with the help of her evil factory manager Nepal but this plan misfires and Parama lands in trouble. Anondo comes in at the right time and rescues her. In the end, Parama undergoes a change of heart and the movie ends happily.