Retired judge Sushovan Chowdhury has three sons Arun, Barun and Tarun and a daughter called Hasi. Among them Arun is married. Then Sushovan finds a girl for Barun. But in the day of the marriage he came to know that Barun is already married. He had already tied the knot with a girl called Shampa who is working in the same office. So sushovan arranges two weddings simultaneously. He calls Tarun to do the unfinished wedding and asks Barun to marry Shampa. After the marriage Shampa faces trouble from Barun. But other family members support her. Shampa again joins her office and she gives her whole income to her father. But Barun takes all. Then he tries to insult Shampa and makes lots of allegations. After lot of conspirecies he became successful and sushovan misunderstands Shampa. But at last Barun realises his faults and tells everything to Sushovan.