Ajay is a musician by hobby and also runs a business. His younger brother Arun studies medical. After his mother s death, Ajay becomes the head of the family however falls into debts. He decides to take singing lessons to earn money. Bandana is a good singer and she starts taking classes from Ajay. Ajay starts liking Bandana because she is not only a charming lady but also sings well. Arun and Bandana meet and they fall in love. Ajay is forced to sell his inherited property to pay for Arun s fees. His poverty is only short-lived as his popularity spreads and he becomes wealthy. In the meantime Arun comes to know that Ajay had sold their family property but does not know the reason behind the act. This creates misunderstanding between the two brothers. However it is soon cleared and Ajay transfers his wealth to his brother. Arun and Bandana get married.