Chakra is a story about a neglected girl child of Arati. Arati is a small town girl whose parents had son preference and thus his brother shibu lived a royal life inspite of all money crunches in the family. Arati loved Raja, a so called muscle man working under the MLA. Arati Runs away with Raja and gets wedded. Raja tries to turn a new leaf and becomes a promoter. But the MLA would not spare him and to take revenge makes a rape attempt on Arati. She tries to escape and MLA s daughter becomes a victim of her father s wrath, A stone idol bounces on her head which was actually targeted towards Arati. The MLA frames a murder case against Arati. Arati runs away to Kolkata. She was saved by a group of investigative journalists and finally the truth was revealed. Raja and Arati gets reunited with a happy ending of the movie.