Shib Shankar is a motor mechanic. His son Sujan wants to do MBA. He loves a rich girl Gargi. Her father Aditya Narayan also wants to send him abroad to do the MBA. But Shib Shankar does not agree and he arranges the whole thing by his own effort. But suddenly in an accident he loses his hand. Insurance company pays him one and half lak rupees. Shib Shankar distributed the total money within his two sons and registers the house in the name of his wife. He has an assistant called Raju and he looks after him like his son. Raju helps him and stays with him. Aditya Narayan then calls Sujan for his higher studies. At the same time Shib Shankar came to know that his elder son Bijon betrayed him. He takes his house. Now Shib Shankar became almost penniless. Then with the help of Raju he launched a business and slowly he and Raju both make their venture successful. Then Adiya Narayan faces a huge loss. At last Shib Shankar gives the rights of his cremation to Raju.