Saheb a jovial, friendly, and kindhearted boy loved to play football. He was very much neglected by his brothers. Only his sister-in-law and his only sister Bulti appreciated and took care about him. Saheb had a potential to become a good goalkeeper, but lack of support and care from his family became the main obstacle for his growth. Suddenly Bulti s marriage was fixed with a well-educated family. The budget of the event made Saheb s family helpless. At that time, Saheb sold his kidney and spoiled his football career. No one was aware of his decision. At the day of his sister s marriage when everyone was enjoying, Saheb was fighting for his life. Suddenly his sister-in-law came to know everything and became very upset. All his brothers were imposing allegation on him for that unaccounted money, then his sister-in-law exposed everything and made them quiet. At last, Saheb s father went to hospital and mourned for his neglected child.