1930's, Bengal. Biswambhar Roy is the last in a long line of rich patriarchs. He continues to cling to his refined tastes even as his estate is diminishing. All that remains is his two loyal servants, a horse, an elephant, and the crumbling palace. His inability to adapt with changing times has made him into a recluse. He has closed the music room for good. The sound of music from the neighbor s house and a wise to demonstrate his fine taste in music to his flashy neighbor leads him to organize one last concert. The music room is opened once again. After all the guests have left, a drunk Roy remembers the past glory. He proudly introduces portraits of his ancestors to his servant. He notices a big spider on his own portrait. As the candles go out one by one, Roy is convinced that he too must depart with the extinguishing of the last candle. It is almost dawn now so he need not worry about the candles. In a grand gesture, he mounts his horse and rides at a terrible pace to be violently thrown off. Roy dies as two servants look on tearfully.