Indra is a very well known, wealthy, rich, arrogant person who used to live his childhood with his aunt. His aunt is his only guardian. A girl called Radha lives with his aunt. Both Indra and Radha likes each other very much. They spent a long time together and thus became good friends and then lovers. But Indra then decided to go to England to have a Law degree. So he flies to UK. But in the meantime Radha became pregnant .She realizes that this is the symbol of their love, but she never told anybody about it. One day Indra s aunt came to know about the pregnancy of Radha. She insisted her to reveal the whole thing but Radha remain silent. After that Radha tries to communicate with Indra but fails to do so. So she gives birth in a very unpleasant situation but her baby gets a very poor treatment due to her poverty. The condition of the child gone bad to worse and then the child did not live longer. After that she gone to a brothel and faced a murder charge. During the trial procedure Indra recognizes her and then helped her.