Nilkantha, an alcoholic frustrated intellectual, suddenly finds himself out of the street. His wife, Durga has suffered for his waywardness and his love for the bottle, finally leaves him, taking their son with. Nachiketa, a young, unemployed engineer, stays behind to look after him. Bangbala, a young refugee form Bangladesh comes into the empty house looking for shelter. While they sit musing on a part bench, they are joined by Jagannath, a penniless Sanskrit teacher. The strange foursome start on their extraordinary journey to Kanchanpur, Nilkanth's wife's new home. They along with Panchanan Ustad, an exponent of the chhau dance witness a Chhau performance of goddess Durga destroying a demon. The group walks into a confrontation between the tribals and the landlord. The landlord shoots in panic and kills Jagannath. On their way to Nilkanth's wife Durga's place, they have to pass through a sal forest, where hidden eyes watch their progress. The forest is a hideout for rebellious extremists, the naxalites. Durga is not happy to see Nilkantha and insists that Nilkantha must leave. Nilkantha requests Durga to come early in the morning with some food to the Sal forest, where they will be spending the night and wanted to see his son's face in the first rays of the sun. Dawn breaks. Durga comes with her son into the forest. Suddenly a police party attacks the Naxalites. In the crossfire, Nilkantha is hit by a bullet and dies. The Naxalites lie scattered, killed by police bullets. The police party carries Nilkantha's body out of the forest, where silence descends once again.