A Tax collector, who is inclined to the works of Ancient art and culture, came to a rural city for his job. But he chooses to live in a haunted house. Another Bengali person from the local village and his colleagues actually informed him about the danger of living in that fort. But the person is basically fascinated by that piece of ancient work. At night he started to meet a dancer and developed a relationship with her. Slowly they beginning to wait for each other and thus they entered in to a relationship. But he then slowly realizes that this is a supernatural phenomenon and that girl is nothing but a ghost. So he tries to stay away from the fort but he cannot resist it. He has to comeback to the fort and he reveals the truth. Basically this phenomenon is story of reincarnation and rebirth. Two ancient characters were once loved each other against the will of the king. As a result of it the king sentenced the person in to a different location. A tragic end forced the soul to remain in that fort. The collector reminiscences the story and leaves the fort.