Aditya (Sunil) and Sanchita (Pooja) study in the same college and become friends. While Aditya develops love towards Sanchita, she remains focused on her dreams of becoming a cinema star. After the studies, she eventually becomes a star and finds an overnight success. Aditya, on the other hand, remains jobless and becomes dependent on his only sister's earnings. His love towards Sanchita grows more after she reaches stardom and all this will be under the observation of her co-star Siddharth (Ajith) who is jealous of her success. He hatches a plot to demean her using Aditya as a pawn. He befriends Aditya and asks him to do activities that irks her and make her hate him and even send him to jail. The rest of the story tells about how Sanchita comes to know Siddharth's tricks and how she reunites with Aditya.