The Choudhurys were zamindars however many many years ago it was said that their main income used to be through robbery. The youngest zamindar and did not take much interest in his work. His grandfather decides to give his hand in marriage to a beautiful lady in the neighbourhood zamindar named Indrani. The young zamindar and Indrani had seen each other before and it was love at first sight. The marriage was fixed. In the meantime, he goes to Palasi and rescues a poor lady named Banalata from the hands of another cruel zamindar named Parantap. Circumstances become such that the young zamindar is forced to marry Banalata in Palasi. As they return to Joradighi, the grandfather refuses to accept the newly wed bride into the family but later melts at the sight of her. When Indrani comes to know about the marriage she is shattered. In sheer agony, she decides to marry Parantap. However she sees worse days after marriage. Parantap was a drunkard scoundrel. He cheated on her. In the meantime war breaks out as Raktadighi inflicts war on Joradighi but gets captured by the latter. Indrani and the young zamindar meet at the warfield where she comes to know the situation in which Lekhel married Banalata. Indrani realizes her mistake. Her pride is shaken. She commits suicide.