Arunangshu a brilliant doctor got a scholarship for higher studies. His senior liked him a lot, but a scandal destroyed his dreams and he became clueless about his future. His own colleague made that conspiracy. Sagarika one of the brilliant students of the same batch and a beautiful lady also had a wrong idea about Arunangshu. The miscommunication between both of them really created an awkward atmosphere and as a result, Arunangshu got back to his own village. Later he got a chance to get back to foreign for higher studies, but with a condition. He agreed to it and went for his passion. Basantika the only daughter of a rich man tried to buy Arunangshu and for that, he gave him the amount for his higher studies. Basantika was preparing herself for marriage and for that, she came to Sagarika. Sagarika and Basantika were cousins. Suddenly Arunangshu met an accident and became blind. Basantika immediately refused to marry Arunangshu. Sagarika put his every effort to make him well with the name of Basantika. Later Arunangshu got back his eyesight and came to know everything and choose Sagarika as his life partner.