Ayanbabu works in a factory and somehow makes both ends meet in his family of four children. His wife is dead and so all the household chores is done by his eldest daughter who takes care after her siblings as responsibly as their mother. She is especially close to her father. The father suddenly loses his factory job owing to an accident and misery hits the family. The house owner starts forcing them to leave the house. Driven with frustration and helplessness, Ayanbabu goes missing. The children are forced out of their house and into the streets.The boy meets with an accident and a rich man adopts him. The two little girls with their elder sister are seperated. The elder sister toils to give her sisters a better life. The brother gets a luxurious life. Time flies by and they grow up.The elder sister starts working as a governess for two rich kids and her sisters meet them and eventually fall in love with them. The elder sister toils to make her sisters live a good life. The sisters though spiteful at first realising their elder sister's immense sacrifice for them sobers up. When the elder sister needs kidney transplant they themselves donate one kidney each and with that the family re-unites over tears.