Kalidas is a simple happy go lucky villager. His elder brother usurps his property and sends him to Kolkata to find his match as he was destined to marry a rich lady. In their childhood, the lady s father had decided that all his property would go to Kalidas post their marriage. He goes to Kolkata and finds out that the name of the lady was Aparajita. Aparajita and her uncle conspire against Kalidas. They get married and after their wedding, Aparajita not only usurps the property but starts torturing him. Kalidas s situation becomes worse until Aparajita s uncle comes in his rescue. As per his instructions, Kalidas gets a complete makeover. He takes up another identity in the name of Mohan Singh. He pretends to be a renouned singer and presents himself infront of Aparajita. Aparajita is swept by Mohan and she decides to marry him. She seeks divorce from Kalidas to marry Mohan. The truth is revealed soon and Aparajita realizes her mistake.