Radhamohan Mukherjee a high profile businessman and also cruel politician stayed with his wife and younger brother Jeet. Jeet loved Sanpna. Suddenly a young, handsome boy Ananda came in her life. The rivalry began between two lovers. Radhamohan came to know everything and tried to help his younger brother. Ananda faced different problems, which was created by Radhamohan. At the same time, Jeet wanted to marry Sapna. Ananda took the responsibility to reunite Jeet and Sapna. After a dramatic situation, Radhamohan agreed to accept Sapna as his brother s wife. Ananda kept his emotions aside and put his best to arrange everything for the marriage ceremony. On the day of marriage, Sapna understood her true feeling for Ananda and confessed everything. Jeet also considered Sapna s emotion and helped Ananda and Sapna to unite.