Hari is the only son of Kumaran who runs a local tea stall in a village. Meera is Hari's childhood friend who still loves to be with children. Meera is not married in spite of many proposals as she has yet to reach maturity. Meera loves Hari, but Hari only saw her as a friend. Hari loves another girl Akhila and her father insists that he will marry her off only to a Government Employee. After Hari gets a Government job, he marries Akhila. The marriage of Hari makes meera unhappy and she becomes depressed. The superstious villagers started believing that Meera is mentally ill and its bad for the village. The villages threatens Meera and her mother and orders them to vacate the village. The movie ends when Meera finally becomes mature making her and her mother happy.
All Ages
Suitable for All