In a rainy night a snake charmer waited for his wife's delivery but his wife gave birth to a dead baby. He was afraid and went to hospital with the dead baby to change it with someone else. Ultimately he took a daughter from a twin. The whole incident took place in front of Shubhankar Chatterjee, who was an honest police officer , but he did not speak about it. One girl "Hasi" grew up at her father's house and the other Khusi, at the hut of snake charmer. One day Hashi's mother died and the snake charmer also died. Hasi was tortured by her step-mother. Then Shubankar came to know about it and replaced Khusi in the place of Hasi. Khusi taught them an appropriate lesson. They take Khusi to her house and Rajat suffered from snake bite. Doctor said that he was dead but Khusi played the bin, the snakes came and ultimately Rajat was saved. Finally they lived together happily.