Sai Ram is an auto driver with a spirited personality. His new roommate Pratap is an easy-going guy with a beautiful wife and a kid. Sai Ram is surprised to find Pratap to be so passive about situations in life. Especially, when his wife gets molested, Pratap doesn t react. On the other hand, an ex-MLA Janardhan is creating terror in the city with his criminal activities. The police department is unable to control the menace. They decide to look for an experienced officer who can put an end to the crime. They track records and discover about an ex-police officer, Tiger Pratap, who reigned his tenure and maintain decorum in the city. However, he resigned due to personal problems. Other than him, the police officers also learn about Kargil hero, Subhash who s living in town. They approach Subhash to convince Pratap to rejoin the police force and set things right. But will Pratap accept their plea? Why did Pratap leave in the first place?