Bindubasini was an upper middle class rural Bengali lady and was the only child of her parents. So she was brought up with lots of love and affection. Tarak, a middle class educated person selected Bindubasini as his brother s wife. His brother Madhav was a brilliant student and scholar. The relation between Madhav and Tarak was a close one. Madhav respects his elder brother and tries to follow his footsteps. But sometime Bindubasini misunderstood it due to her over passionate psychological structure. Slowly she began to look after Amulya. Amulya began to call her mother. Suddenly Amulya became the world of Bindubasini. All the love and affection of Bindubasini was reserved only for Amulya and he also reciprocated by following her every instruction. At this point of time A cousin sister of Tarak and Madhav came to their residence and started to interfere in their daily life. But their child was a spoiled one. So a rare conflict of perspectives was introduced in the family and they go through some collisions and disputes. It s a fantastic example of emotional twists and turns in Bengali middle class families.