The story revolves around two friends Sudipa and Keya. While Sudipa is a rich man s only daughter, Keya belongs to a middle class background. Keya s elder brother works in a factory and is the union leader there. One thing leads to another, and due to no apparent fault of his own the brother gets killed. This incident makes a profound effect on keya s other brother Ranobir, who becomes a goon with a heart of gold. He helps people and fights evil, but is misunderstood by Sudipa who on learning that Ranobir is Keya s brother refuses to continue with her friendship with her. Keya tells her the reason behind Ranobir s aggressive nature and how he helps people and not the other way round. Sudipa falls in love with Ranobir and eventually they get married much to Sudipa s rich father s dismay. He does not accept the marriage, as he had high plans for her. Trouble hits paradise on the wedding night itself when Ranobir is informed about her sister Keya s alleged relationship with Babu, a local criminal. This leads to a fight and the police is summoned. When they arrive Babe escapes, however, Ranobir is arrested while trying to flee in a smuggled car and put in jail with a 3 years sentence. Meanwhile Sudipa gives birth to their child but the hospital declares the child dead. The last bond with Ranobir therefore breaks with Sudipa and so with a heavy heart she says it quits with him. Days pass by and a chance encounter brings the two lovebirds together again. All misunderstandings are cleared and they happily re-unite.