Biswarup Mukherjee a boy in his teens loved to dream about an extra terrestrial creature. His father scientist Avirup Mukherkee after his long and continuous effort successfully able to connect with them and Biswarup used called that creature Friend. Ranju da and Sanju da a helpful neighbor of Avirup also cooperated and gave them a good support regarding there security and support. Some of the colleagues of Avirup tried a lot to spoil the experiment but strong determination and family support helped him to get the success. Later Avirup was kidnapped and few antisocial forced him to sell his product to some underworld people. The kingpin of the group was no one other that Avirup s boss Professor Brajamohan. In such situation, Friend became active and destroyed the evil and saved Avirup and his family. Unfortunately, all such incidents really made Avirup sad and he decided to send Friend back to his own territory.