Goodly is a little girl who lives in a village with her grandfather Gobinda. One of her neighbors takes her to Kolkata where she is forced to work as a maidservant in a middle class Bengali household. The hypocrisy of the so called educated is exposed through the eyes of Goodly but the helpless girl s life lights up because of some individuals like Chacha and Sister. They are people from different religious communities but they preach the same message of love and humanity. Goodly makes friends with all the children nearby and wins over everyone s heart through some incidents. First, she fights off a gang of robbers and then she saves people from a destructive fire risking her own life. This acts of bravery makes Goodly a household name in the city. Then Goodly and her friends get kidnapped by some political rebels but in the end the police rescues them and the movie concludes with the promise of a better future.