Laal Kuthi is a thriller. Laal Kuthi is a mansion in Raigarh where Runu s father and fianc e Dipak are murdered under suspicious conditions. She becomes a recluse. Ajay comes in her life; they get married and have a son. Runu notices Dipak s murderer at a party one day and then accidentally runs over him. Sonam, the eye witnesses of this incident blackmails her and starts staying in her bungalow. Sonam becomes very close to Samir, Runu s son. Runu calls her uncle Mr. Sen to handle Sonam and they get him killed. But, Runu sees Sonam even after his death. She is treated by a psychiatrist for this. Eventually it s revealed that Sonam is still alive and Mr. Sen had planned everything to usurp Runu s property. Samir is kidnapped but Sonam saves him and kills Mr. Sen before dying of a bullet wound.