Lalon lead a peaceful life with his wife Tulsi and his widow mother. One day he decides to visit Puri with his friends. While travelling he is diagnosed with small pox and becomes seriously ill. His co-passengers do not agree to travel with him because of that fact that he was carrying a communicable disease and push him off to the sea. Lalon survives by the grace of God and is brought home by a mother daughter duo named Fathima and Moti. Lalon starts recovering at their care. His weak memory which had given way sometime ago started coming back. Lalan decided at once to go back to his family. However he was not accepted with open arms given the fact that he had spent a lot of time in a Muslim house. Lalan comes back to Fathima and Moti. He gets insight of life from a fakir and also learns music. Lalan and Moti starts traveling from place to place singing the songs of God to the underprivileged. Many people tried to stop him by conspiring against him and trying to kill him however his popularity became widespread. His name went down to make history.