A beautiful girl child is born to a couple on the day of Nag Panchami. Looking at her a sadhu predicts that she will become the reason for the destruction of her family. The child is named Nandini and she grows up to be a young and charming lady. She lives in the village happily and is always accompanied by her pet monkey named Raja. On one day Nandini dreams that she is Maa Monosha s child and that she was a naga kanya. Nandini is dreaded at this and does not share this with anyone else. However finally she discloses her identity to her friend Shruti, only after Nandini s father steals the snake jewel from Maa Monosha. Thus starts Nandini s venture to get the jewel back. She would not stop even if she had to kill her own father. On the other hand, Nandini s father faced disaster everytime he tried to sell the jewel. All his customers died mysteriously. Eventually he meets one such customer, Ranjit and his companion Kamini who go to any extent to usurp the jewel. Nandini saves her mother and eventually her father from the trouble. Her father begs mercy from Maa Monosha who in return forgives him and returns him his child Nandini, after having left her body.