Nani a witty, friendly and romantic college student fell in love with Manashi who was not only good looking, but also a fantastic singer. Dilip who was also his class mate created a rivalry with Nani regarding his relationship with Manashi. After they finished college life, everyone became busy with their respective career. Nani also joined a small office and worked hard to earn a good amount. Her lover Manashi lived with her uncle and aunt, but unfortunately her uncle was handicapped. Unwillingly Nani made some unethical gesture with her uncle and that hurt Manashi and her family members. Due to this miscommunication a distance between both Manashi and Nani developed. Dilip who was busy with his business introduced himself in this scenario to help Nani and tried hard to solve the problem showed a good friendly attitude to unite both. After a long and funny drama, both families came together and Manashi s family accepted Nani. Gopal and Dilip both tried hard to manage the situation and at last everything end with a happy note.