Parashuram is a very simple honest person who once had his own land in the village. But their landlord made them labour in their own land. So he came to the city for a reasonable job for his living. Eventually he got a job of a mate in an upper middleclass family. But one day the master of the house lost his wallet and thought that parasuram was the culprit. Parasuram tried very hard but that person humiliates him. Suddenly his sister found the bag but Parasuram lost his job. Then he travelled to many places and found a different world in the middle of the city. A totally unique society who does not have jobs, does not have food, does not have any shelter. He struggles to find a shelter and after lot of work he found a barren house where he found a very old foe. Slowly he adjusted with the condition and tries different jobs. Mrinal sen actually had shown different unique earning avenues thorugh this movie. After a disaster all slum dwellers comes to that house for a shelter. Parsuram then meets with Allhadi. This is a story of an unknown city who really have no future, no past and no helping hand and yet they are the part of our society.