Bhimkanta, the night guard of a government office commits suicide leaving behind his pregnant wife and children in a miserable condition. His wife labanya writes to his office asking for his dues. Bhim s friend Dashu takes up the responsibility of going to the office on Labanya s behalf but the office in question is a government one and the trouble starts thereon. Nobody seems to have any interest about work, nothing seems to move, and nobody lends an ear to Bhim s repeated appeals. Red tapism and politics only adds to the woes of Dashu who goes to all directions like a shuttlecock as everybody passes the buck. Years go by but Bhim s file rots away unsolved as the insensitive employees keep themselves busy with lottery, newspaper, saree business, and soccer games. At some point of time, devastated Dashu loses his mental balance. An officer rapes Labanya and she is forced to resort to prostitution. Her views change and all her expectations vanish. That is why when she ultimately receives the paycheck she tears it and throws it away.