Dr.Chatterjee is a famous and dedicated doctor who has a strange vision one day while coming to the hospital. The same day a young child is admitted to the hospital after meeting with a massive accident. He dies in the operation bed. The doctor decides that to be his last OT and sets out in a quest to see God. The story shifts to another poor family dwelling in the village. The father, a priest by profession has immense faith on his goddess Kali. The household does not even have rice to eat when the doctor goes to them with rice in hand. Another instance how God is always watching over our every move, however small it may be. The acute poverty in the house forbids the mother and the son to completely devote them to the goddess s meditation. Trying times come and the priest s unwavering faith in his God now faces a challenge. Their shelter is burnt to ashes. His only son Gopal gets stabbed which forces the doctor to don his role in the OT yet again. The operation is successful and the doctor whose last time s attempt failed was glad to return a child back to his mother in full health. The family thanks God and start living their life praising the Goddess s name henceforth.