Milan is an intelligent student and also a great singer. He falls in love with Swapnalini, another beautiful singer and confides his feelings into his best friend Indra. Indra comes to the rescue of his shy friend and approaches Swapnalini for his friend however Swapnalini falls for him instead of Milan. Swapnalini s roommate Rama loves Apurba who again loves Swapnalini secretly. Swapnalini decides to get married to Indra and proposes the idea to him however Indra banishes the idea. However Milan finds a love - letter given to Indra by Swapnalini and is shattered. He decides to commit suicide however is saved by Indra. He brings the truth infront of Swapnalini and pleads him to accept Milan. He also saves Rama from being deserted by Apurba and unites them. After both the couples find love in each other, he goes back to his childhood sweetheart Emily.