The story pivots around Raji (Seema), a young prostitute, and three young men in her life: Two college-going youngsters, Babu (Ravikumar), Jayan (Sukumaran) and a school teacher Chandran (Soman).Raji loses her parents early in her life leaving the responsibility of bringing up her younger brother Sudhakaran (Master Raghu) on her shoulders. Circumstances and her unskilled status force her into a life of a prostitute. She begins living in a slum with (Meenakumari) and a cycle-rickshaw driver Damu (Kuthiravattom Pappu) working as her agent or pimp.Babu who stays in a nearby hostel takes a fancy to Raji. Babu becomes a regular customer of hers; she visits him at his place. Babu s friend Jayan also attempts to approach Raji but possessive Babu doesn't allow this. News spreads about Babu s relationship with Raji. Raji's brother Sudhakaran has a teacher-student relationship with Chandran. One day a beggar steals Chandran s wrist watch through an open window. Sudhakaran is arrested by the police, because he is a regular at Chandran's room. He is beaten up by the cops in police custody and Sudhakaran dies from the physical trauma after his release. The real thief is later arrested and Chandran is uneasy about it and whether his judgement resulted in loss of life. From remorse Chandran offers support to Raji, but she refuses to accept it and to forgive him in any manner.Babus's father Karunakaran (Bahadoor) decides to marry his son to his wife Lakshmi's (Kaviyoor Ponnamma) brother's daughter, Damodaran's (Sankaradi) daughter Radha (Usharani). Karunakaran, Damodaran, and Radha reach Babu s hostel and are shocked to see Raji in his room. They come to know about Babu s premarital relations with Raji. Damodaran, ashamed and angered, marries Radha to another successful man.Jayan, who had a severe drinking problem, dies of liver-related complications. On his death bed he asks Babu to not abandon Raji and emphasizes it with the justification that her love for him is pure, even if its impure in the eyes of the society. Raji gets gang-raped and Chandran s timely intervention saves her. Knowing her son's waywardness Lakshmi comes to the town to meet Babu and eventually Raji. She takes pity on Raji when she comes to know about her past and her son's blind love to her. Lakshmi accepts her as her daughter-in-law and takes her home.
Sexual Content, Alcohol