Soundarya and Karthick are sweethearts who spend their childhood together in a village. Soundarya goes off to pursue education but she and Karthick remain devoted to each other. Sivakumar, who dotes on Karthick wants to see them happily marriedIt is decided that they marry once Soundarya's exams are over. Karthick, who has been waiting all his life for this moment sets off eagerly to receive Soundarya at the station. He is shocked to find her in a mentally unbalanced state.Later on he learns that Soundarya has been brutually molested by Uday prakash and pregnant. Though overwhelmed with grief, he tries to arrange Soundarya's marriage with the rapist. When the latter shows no remorse for his act, and tries to kill Soundarya, Karthick kills him and is sentenced for 5 years He is reunited with childlike Soundarya and her daughter.