Raju, a courageous and spirited young man is a caregiver to four young orphans, Shamili, Shalini, Richard and Rishi. He works as a local tour guide in a picturesque hill station. Complications arise when one of the children gets injured accidentally and, on suggestion of an ayurvedic guru, Raju sets out to the Himalayas to find a cure on the banks of the river Manasa Sarovar. However, in the parallel world, a celestial being Lord Indra s daughter Indraja happens to visit the Manasa Sarovar. She accidentally drops her ring, which is her key to enter Heaven. Raju finds this ring and wears it, unaware of its divine power. Because Indraja is unable to enter Heaven, Brihaspathi, the Deva-guru, allows her to go back to Earth to retrieve it before the next Kartik Poornima. Anxious that she s unaware how to live amongst people on Earth, Indraja decides to travel to Raju's hometown. But will she be able to get her ring back in time?