Rakhal Das a poor government servant was severely in a crisis of money because his only child was very ill. As a result, he went to Dhananjay Das a moneylender. When he reached there, he saw Dhananjay was dead, but police arrested him for the same case. After ten years of that incident Rakhal s only child, Prabir started to find the real reason for Dhananjay s death. Mr. Nirmalendu Roy a well-established businessperson was also in touch with Dhananjay ten years back. That time he was just an insurance agent. He visited Dhananjay s house on the same day evening. Prabir started his investigation and after a long and hectic schedule, he came to the conclusion that Nirmalendu was the culprit who murdered Dhananjay. Nirmalendu also accepted his charge and decided to commit suicide. Incidentally and unfortunately Nirmalendu died in a car accident on the same day.