Anupam Chakraborty is a well educated, humble, kind hearted man who has a flair for writing. Besides being a working professional, he was known as a budding author. He lived in Kolkata with his wife Srilekha. Anupam had always been a doting son. He loved and respected his mother who lived in the village. Anupam had come to Kolkata when he was young and had established himself bit by bit. He brought his younger brothers to Kolkata and funded their education. He even went to the extent of sending his youngest brother abroad for higher studies. However things become different as his brothers grow up. His younger brother joins the Police force and marries against his family s wishes. His youngest brother fails in his exams. In the meantime, trouble starts creeping in his professional life. His corrupted boss forces him to do things against his will. Anupam finds himself caught up in the whirlpool of the world he had once made to perfection with his own hands. Bit by bit he starts losing his mind and starts behaving like a lunatic in the attempt of trying to express himself. He is beaten by his brother and sent to the rehab. Sreelekha realizes her mistake for having failed to understand her husband and goes to bring his back. But its too late. Anupam does not recognize her. He goes into a state where no one can ever bring him back.