Arohan is the story of Hari Mandal who is a bargadar. Relying on his landlord Bibhuti Hari doesn t register his bargadari. Being loyal to his Zamindar Hari defies the Kishan Sava and even his own brother Balai, but this action lands Hari in deep trouble as Bibhuti tries to throw him away from his own land. The Kishan Sava fights for him, but the dispute goes to the court and the long procedures start to take place. In between the new Government is formed which was in favor of the landlords. Encouraged with this formation Bibhuti sends hired goons to destroy Hari. They burn down his house, breaks his leg, but they cannot silence him anymore. Shy and introvert Hari once used to avoid the Kishan Sava now becomes an active organizer and starts uniting the farmers and the bargadars, so that they can solve their own problem.