The story revolves around a poor but happy family of Debnath, fondly called Debu, his father, his wife, his sister and his only daughter Rakhi. He earns very little as the village priest and finds it difficult to make both ends meet. However he saves the life of a rich man named Mitra, who out of gratitude offers him a job in the city. He readily agrees but slowly he starts realising that Mitra was an evil man, heavily into smuggling business. He threatens to bring Mitra s true face in the light which alarms him and with the help of his power he destroys Debu. Mitra puts Debu in prison and kills his father and sister, also setting fire to his hut. However Debu s wife and the daughter manage to escape. Debu on getting the news embarks upon a dangerous quest for revenge. He flees from jail and becomes a big smuggler himself with a new name and a new personality that was a far cry from the simple fair village priest. His daughter Rakhi falls in love with Uday who happens to be Mitra s son, much to Debu s disapproval. After that on meeting Uday he agrees for the marriage. During the day of the wedding ceremony, one things lead to another and Mitra readily confesses his sins for which the police arrest him. Debu too is arrested for his alleged stint as a smuggler.