This story line portrays the period of seventies in Kolkata. The situation of the city was very tense. At the same time the director portrays another life of an old lady lived in a village. One day a stranger came to her house and introduced himself as a distant relative and convinced her to go with him and live with him. The lady agreed, came to Calcutta and started living with the man, Arun and his wife Latika. Soon she realized that they had brought her only for the job of baby sitter. So she demanded a salary. The area where Arun stayed, was infested with young groups. There were two opponent teams - Rabi's and Chheno's. That old lady came to know about the crisis of the middleclasses. She left Arun's house very soon and started living with two orphan siblings in a deserted house. She gave them shelter and food. She finally was a victim of the fighting between those two groups.