Rekha was the only earning member of her family. She lived with her widow mother and brother. One incident changed her life. She fell in love with Anal Chatterjee. Anal was the owner of Chatterjee industries as well as Rekha s boss. Watch the full movie, Gharer Bou, only on Eros Now. Unfortunately, Anal s mother did not like Rekha. On the other hand, Sikha met Ajay, brother of Rekha in a same college. Within few days, they also started to like each other and they got married. Anal s mother made a plan to separate Ajay and Sikha and put Rekha in such a situation so that Anal should start to dislike Rekha. Bijoy a close associate of her helped in this conspiracy. Later Rekha became ill and doctor suspected blood cancer. On the other hand, Ajay joined Subinay his old friend in a joint business. After few days, Ajay became rich and he managed to buy all the properties of Chatterjee industries. At last, Anal and Ajay managed to punish the culprits and came to know that Rekha was not suffering from cancer.