Byang Raja (Frog King) is about a fairy tale that a granny tells her grandchildren. One day a princess loses her favorite earrings. A frog comes and offers to help her on the condition that she ll marry him. The princess agrees. The frog finds the earrings and the princess is forced to marry him and settle far away in the forest. The princess detests the frog but has no option. An old man visits the princess on her birthday and blesses her. A goon comes to abduct her and wants to marry her. She protests and says that she is married. The old man transforms the man into stone. The frog is very happy when he hears that the princess has accepted him as her husband. He tries to get close to her but the princess slaps her and this transforms him into a prince. He reveals that a curse had turned him into stone. The prince and princess live happily ever after.